Terraria How To Get The Christmas Event

terraria how to get the christmas event


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Terraria How To Get The Christmas Event, country christmas ornaments to make at home


1.1.1: Introduced. Santa can spawn randomly any time during the Christmas season. v d e Consumables: Potions ( Buff Potions)" Thrown Weapons Ammunition" Seeds" Materials ( Drops" Ores" Bars)" Other Potions Health Potions Lesser Healing" Healing" Greater Healing" Super Healing" Mushroom" Bottled Water" Bottled Honey" Eggnog" Honeyfin" Horn 'o' Plenty Mana Potions Lesser Mana" Mana" Greater Mana" Super Mana Restoration Potions Lesser Restoration" Restoration" Strange Brew Other Potions Gender Change" Hair Dye" Recall" Teleportation" Wormhole Permanent Power-Ups Life Crystal" Life Fruit" Mana Crystal" Demon Heart Power-Ups Heart (Candy Apple" Candy Cane)" Star (Soul Cake" Sugar Plum)" Damage Booster" Life Booster" Mana Booster Buff Potions Attack Ammo Reservation" Archery" Battle" Magic Power" Rage" Summoning" Titan" Wrath Defense Calming" Endurance" Heartreach" Inferno" Invisibility" Ironskin" Lifeforce" Mana Regeneration" Regeneration" Thorns" Warmth" Wiesnbru Movement Featherfall" Flipper" Gills" Gravitation" Obsidian Skin" Swiftness" Water Walking Detection and Vision Dangersense" Hunter" Night Owl" Shine" Spelunker Fishing Fishing" Sonar" Crate Other Builder" Love" Mining" Stink" Red Foods and Drinks Ale" Sake" Bacon" Bowl of Soup" Christmas Pudding" Cooked Marshmallow" Fishing Food" Gingerbread Cookie" Grub Soup" Pad Thai" Pho" Pumpkin Pie" Sugar Cookie Flasks Poison" Fire" Venom" Gold" Ichor" Cursed Flames" Nanites" Party Thrown Weapons and Explosives Thrown Snowball" Rotten Egg" Shuriken" Throwing Knife (Bone" Poisoned)" Star Anise" Spiky Ball" Frost Daggerfish" Javelin ( Bone)" Holy Water" Unholy Water" Blood Water" Bone ( Glove)" Molotov Cocktail Explosives Beenade" Grenade (Sticky" Bouncy)" Bomb (Sticky" Bouncy" Fish)" Dynamite ( Sticky" Bouncy)" Explosives" Land Mine" Holy Hand Grenade Ammunition Arrows Normal Wooden ( Endless Quiver)" Bone" Flaming" Frostburn" Unholy" Jester's" Hellfire" Holy" Cursed" Ichor" Luminite" Chlorophyte" Venom" Spectral" Vulcan Bolt" Heart Arrow Other Stake Bullets Normal Musket Ball ( Endless Musket Pouch)" Crystal" Silver" Meteor Shot" Party" Golden" High Velocity" Nano" Exploding" Chlorophyte" Cursed" Ichor" Venom" Luminite Other Candy Corn" Coins Rockets Normal Rocket I" Rocket II" Rocket III" Rocket IV Other Stynger Bolt" Explosive Jack 'O Lantern" Nail Miscellaneous Flare" Seed" Darts ( Crystal" Cursed" Ichor" Poison)" Sand (Ebonsand" Crimsand" Pearlsand)" Solutions" Bone" Gel" Fallen Star" Snowball" Cannonball" Explosive Bunny Seeds Grass Seeds Grass" Jungle" Mushroom" Corrupt" Crimson" Hallowed Plant Seeds Blinkroot" Daybloom" Moonglow" Shiverthorn" Waterleaf" Fireblossom" Deathweed Other Seeds Acorns" Pumpkin Materials Found Book" Cactus" Cobweb" Coral" Crystal Shard" Fallen Star" Fish" Jungle Spores" Mushroom (Glowing" Vicious" Vile)" Pumpkin" Wood (Boreal" Palm" Rich Mahogany" Ebonwood" Shadewood" Pearlwood) Bought Empty Bullet" Empty Dropper" Cog" Confetti" Explosive Powder" Gold Dust" Nanites" Vial of Venom" Bell" Harp" Dynasty Wood" Illegal Gun Parts" Marshmallow" Spell Tome Crafted Chain" Black Thread (Green" Pink" Purple)" Leather" Sturdy Fossil" Terrarium Gems Amber" Amethyst" Topaz" Sapphire" Emerald" Ruby" Diamond Herbs Blinkroot" Daybloom" Moonglow" Shiverthorn" Waterleaf" Fireblossom" Deathweed Dye Red" Orange" Yellow" Lime" Green" Teal" Cyan" Sky Blue" Blue" Purple" Violet" Pink" Black Drops Pre-Hardmode Antlion Mandible" Bee Wax" Bone" Gel" Hook (crafting material)" Lens (Black)" Rotten Chunk (Vertebrae)" Shadow Scale (Tissue Sample)" Shark Fin" Stinger" Tattered Cloth" Vine" Worm Tooth Hardmode Beetle Husk" Broken Hero Sword" Cursed Flame (Ichor)" Ectoplasm" Forbidden Fragment" Frost Core" Light Shard (Dark)" Mechanical Pieces (Battery" Wagon" Wheel)" Pixie Dust" Spider Fang" Solar Tablet Fragment" Spooky Wood" Turtle Shell" Unicorn Horn Wings Black Fairy Dust" Broken Bat Wing" Butterfly Dust" Feather (Bone" Fire" Giant Harpy" Ice)" Tattered Bee Wing" Spooky Twig Souls Light" Night" Flight" Sight" Might" Fright" Blight Lunar Fragments Vortex" Nebula" Stardust" Solar Ores and Bars Ores Copper" Tin" Iron" Lead" Silver" Tungsten" Gold" Platinum" Demonite" Crimtane" Meteorite" Obsidian" Hellstone Hardmode Ores Cobalt" Palladium" Mythril" Orichalcum" Adamantite" Titanium" Chlorophyte" Luminite Bars Copper" Tin" Iron" Lead" Silver" Tungsten" Gold" Platinum" Demonite" Crimtane" Meteorite" Hellstone Hardmode Bars Cobalt" Palladium" Mythril" Orichalcum" Adamantite" Titanium" Hallowed" Chlorophyte" Shroomite" Spectre" Luminite Other Summoning Boss Slime Crown" Suspicious Looking Eye" Worm Food" Bloody Spine" Abeemination" Mechanical (Eye" Worm" Skull)" Lihzahrd Power Cell" Celestial Sigil" Suspicious Looking Skull" Suspicious Looking Egg Event Goblin Battle Standard" Snow Globe" Pirate Map" Pumpkin Moon Medallion" Naughty Present" Solar Tablet" Eternia Crystal Keys Golden" Shadow" Temple" Biome (Frozen" Jungle" Corruption" Crimson" Hallowed)" Night" Light Grab Bags Crates (Wooden" Iron" Golden" Jungle" Sky" Corrupt" Crimson" Hallowed" Dungeon)" Golden Lock Box" Goodie Bag" Herb Bag" Present" Treasure Bag Miscellaneous Coins" Defender Medal" Bait" Paint" Wire" Ropes (Chain" Streamers)" Rope Coils ( Silk" Vine" Web)" Marshmallow on a Stick" Glowstick (Sticky" Bouncy" Spelunker)" Vile Powder" Vicious Powder" Purification Powder" Smoke Bomb" Happy Grenade" Confetti Gun v d e Furniture: Crafting Stations" Light Sources" Storage Items" Other Items Crafting Stations Pre-Hardmode ByHand" WorkBench" Furnace" Hellforge" IronAnvil" LeadAnvil" Sawmill" PlacedBottle" AlchemyTable" Chair" Table" Bookcase" Loom" Campfire" CookingPot" Cauldron" Keg" Extractinator" Tinkerer'sWorkshop" ImbuingStation" Sinks Hardmode AdamantiteForge" TitaniumForge" MythrilAnvil" OrichalcumAnvil" Autohammer" Blend-O-Matic" AncientManipulator Themed BoneWelder" FleshCloningVat" GlassKiln" HoneyDispenser" IceMachine" LihzahrdFurnace" LivingLoom" SkyMill" Solidifier" SteampunkBoiler Environment Water" Lava" Honey" Altar Other CrystalBall" DyeVat" HeavyWorkBench" MeatGrinder Light Sources Placeable Suitable for housing Torches" Fireplace" Candelabras" Candles( Peace" Water)" Chandeliers" Lamps" Lanterns(HeartLantern" StarinaBottle)" ChineseLantern" ChristmasLights" Jack'OLantern" LavaLamp" TikiTorch" SkullLantern Unsuitable for housing Lamp Post" Campfire" Disco Ball" Furnace" Hellforge" AdamantiteForge" TitaniumForge" LihzahrdAltar Portable Torches" Candles" Glowstick" StickyGlowstick" MiningHelmet" JellyfishNecklace" FlareGun Storage Items Chests Bone" BorealWood" Cactus" Dungeon(Blue" Green" Pink)" Dynasty" Ebonwood" Flesh" Glass" Granite" Gold" Honey" Ice" Ivy" Lihzahrd" LivingWood" Marble" Martian" Mushroom" Obsidian" PalmWood" Pearlwood" Pumpkin" RichMahogany" Shadewood" Shadow" Slime" Skyware" Spooky" Steampunk" Water" WebCovered Biome Chests Corruption" Crimson" Frozen" Jungle" Hallowed Other Piggy Bank" Safe" Defender'sForge" TrashCan" Barrel" Dressers Other Items Housing Tables" Pianos" Bathtubs" Dressers" Bookcases" Chairs" Beds" Sofas" Benches" Throne Floor & Ceiling Bars" Books" Bottle(Cups" Mug" PinkVase)" Bowls" ButterflyJars" Cages" CoinPiles" ChristmasTree(ChristmasDecorations)" Coral" Crates" CrystalShard" DecorativeStatues" DesertSpiritLamp" EterniaCrystalStand" FancyDishes" FishBowl" Gems" JellyfishJars" MagicDroppers" Minecart Track(Booster" PressurePlate)" Platforms(PlanterBox)" Presents" PartyPresent" SeaweedPlanter" ShipinaBottle" SillyTiedBalloons" SillyTiedBundleofBalloons" Seashell" Starfish" Vases" WarTable" WarTableBanner Wall AnimalSkins" Catacomb" CompassRose" DecorativeBanners" HangingSkeleton" Holly" LifePreserver" LivingFireBlock" Paintings" Racks(WeaponRack" ItemFrame)" Ropes(Chain)" Ship'sWheel" Trophies" TreasureMap" WallAnchor" WallSkeleton" WoodenBeam Functional GrandfatherClocks" Sign" Tombstone" Mannequin" Womannequin" TargetDummy" AmmoBox" BewitchingTable" CrystalBall" SharpeningStation" EnemyBanners" Sunflower" Campfires" Fireplace" ClayPot" EnchantedSundial" LihzahrdAltar" LandMine" SnowballLauncher" Cannon" BunnyCannon" ConfettiCannon" Boulder Wiring Doors" TallGate" TrapDoor" MusicBox" Monoliths" WaterFountains" Chimney" BubbleMachine" FireworksBox" FireworkFountain" FireworkRockets" PartyCenter" SillyBalloonMachine" FunctionalStatues" Lever" Switch" Detonator" PressurePlates" Timers" Actuator" Explosives" Pumps" Teleporter" Sensor Environment CoinStash" CrimsonHeart" CrystalHeart" Larva" Mushrooms" MysteriousTablet" Plantera'sBulb" Plants( StrangePlants)" Pot" ShadowOrb" Tree(Mushroom)" Other Retrieved from " Categories: Items of rarity 1Grab Bag itemsFurniture itemsConsumable itemsEntities patched in Mobile 1.2.12785Entities patched in 1.2.3Entities patched in 1.2.2Entities introduced in 1.1.1 Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion Variants Share Views View Edit Edit source History More Search Navigation Main pageRecent changesRandom pageProjectsWiki rulesStyle guideCommunity noticeboardAdmin noticeboardHelp Guides Getting startedCrafting 101Mining techniquesBasesGardeningPvPmore. .. * Snow Balla: A Snowman that throws snowball projectiles, which form Snow Blocks on impact. When NPCs initiate their own parties, any placed Party Center will activate, and a pink status message will display "Looks like [NPC name] & [NPC name] are throwing a party!" Sometimes only one NPC will throw a party and even three NPCs can throw a party. There are four different pillars: the Solar Pillar, the Vortex Pillar, the Nebula Pillar, and the Stardust Pillar.


Mobile 1.1.91 Easter Update: Easter introduced. * Drakanian: Ground humanoid enemy that does high damage and charges at the player with a flaming spear. See also: seasonal events, Guide:Defending against events Events (also known as Invasions) are temporary occasions where varieties of special enemies spawn, most at elevated spawn rates, even near NPCs, and attack players. Can also drop a Broken Hero Sword ( ). Martian Madness, Slime Rain, and Lunar Events added. Gamepedia Help Sign In Register . When the Frost Legion is about to spawn around the players spawn point, the message: "The Frost Legion has arrived!" will be displayed. The event can be triggered in pre-Hardmode worlds if its summoning item is brought there. * Alien Larva: Spawns at the death point of an Alien Queen.


In Solar area: * Solar Pillar: Source of the Solar area. * The Bride (): An uncommon zombie variant occasionally found during the event. Party[edit edit source] Desktop-Only Content: This information (or parts of it) applies only to the desktop version of Terraria. * Dripplers (): Commonly found flying enemies. The Old One's Army is a unique Dungeon Defenders 2 crossover event that can be triggered by placing the Ethernia Crystal on the Ethernia Crystal Stand.


If it is kept "alive" until all waves are cleared, the event is defeated. They morph into their humanoid form upon coming close to a player. Notes[edit edit source] For more elaborate strategies on defeating Frost Moon, including Weapon and Arena recommendations, see Guide:Frost Moon strategies. * Evolution Beast: A wolf-like enemy that fires slow nebula spheres that deal high damage even with end-game armor. * Elf Archer: Dangerous ranged enemies that shoot flaming arrows. Hearts are replaced by Candy Canes, and Stars are replaced by Sugar Plums. b2d0762948

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